Viewing and upgrading your pre-settled or status that is settled

You a letter to tell you what status they’ve given you after you’ve applied to the EU Settlement Scheme, the Home Office will email. That is referred to as your final decision page.

Viewing your status

Once you ensure you get your decision letter, you can view your pre-settled or settled status online on GOV. UK.

If you’re through the EU, EEA or Switzerland, you simply will not obtain a card showing your pre-settled or settled status – your status is only online.

Viewing your child’s status

Your youngster could have their status that is online. To see your child’s status on GOV. UK, you’ll require the e-mail phone or ukrainian bride catalog address quantity you utilized once you did their application.

Showing your status

You don’t want to prove your status that is settled until January 2021. You can get a share code on GOV. UK if you want to show someone your status. Your choice page is certainly not evidence of your status.

Before 1 2021 january

It is possible to nevertheless make use of your ID or passport to show your straight to work, hire or access the NHS.