Men from backward communities in Rajasthan buy, offer their wives with impunity

The authorities and panchayats in Rajasthan look one other method as men from backward communities purchase and sell their wives with impunity.

Prem doesn’t remember everything. She recalls a small grouping of lathi wielding males parading her as well as 2 other feamales in front of Bana and Bansi, someplace in Pratapgarh, Rajasthan. Whenever one of many brothers nodded she was hit from behind with a lathi and dumped into a jeep towards her. Whenever she woke, Prem ended up being 300 kilometer away, in Ajmer region’s Napa Ka Khera town. She have been bought as a bride for Bansi.

During her stay that is two-and-a-half-month the village, Prem attempted to escape many times. It absolutely was only after some ladies’ organisations heard of the event that your ex was relocated to a ladies’ house in Jaipur from where she accompanied her daddy back to Chittorgarh. “we might have kept her had she decided to remain,” claims Bansi’s mom Sohini. “But we finished up wasting Rs 80,000.” Law enforcement now say Prem might have been offered by her spouse.

Name: Geeta Age: 35Married at 12. First offered two decades ago to Girdhari Lal for Rs 14,000. He now desires to offer her again for Rs 35,000.

It is a come back to the Dark Ages.