Do i want a job to have that loan? Regular flipper no career.

Ryan S.

Thus I have always been hoping to get a old-fashioned loan to have the ability to flip more homes because my bottleneck is funds now. I am aware me a loan” that I can go the investor route but my question to everyone is “will a bank give?

We have simply completed my third flip with success also it offered within one time for a high price. We simply simply take great pride in doing all of the ongoing work myself for now but have always been seeking to expand.

I have completed as proof because I have no job will a bank accept a “portfolio of houses” that? It really is very hard being a 25 yrs . old without any working work and student education loans looking to get funds from a bank. We flip time that is houses full do the work myself, but im just starting to think i may want to get a work so a bank will provide me cash.

What banking institutions will be the most lenient with “buy and hold” and “fix and flips”?

Main reasons why we’m turned down

  • 25 yrs old
  • have actually college financial obligation
  • no work (flipped 3 homes regular)