That is Eliza Campion? an old connection of sidney Parker’s.

Exactly just What else has Ruth Kearney held it’s place in? Ruth Kearney played Jess Parker in Primeval, Daisy within the Following, and London when you look at the television show Flaked.

Jack Brady plays Mr Howard

That is Mr Howard? Without providing you with any spoilers, we’ll say he’s maybe maybe not a really good guy.

Just just What else has Jack Brady experienced? Screen credits include Snatch (as Eddie plants), The Miniaturist, Decline and Fall, and Coronation Street.

Sophie Winkleman plays Lady Susan

That is Lady Susan? Charlotte Heywood fulfills Lady Susan at celebration in London, when they’re both using a breather, as well as the two get on excellently. In Sanditon, Lady Susan is just a woman that is high-society huge impact in the “beau monde”. The name may additionally be a nod to Jane Austen’s novella, Lady Susan, though for the reason that tale the type is much less good.

exactly What else has Sophie Winkleman held it’s place in? Present functions have actually included Margot into the television show Trust, Zoey in Two and a Half guys, and Harper Dylan when you look at the brand new TV variation of Four Weddings and a Funeral. The actress already has reputation for playing figures called Susan, having starred as “Older Susan” into the Chronicles of Narnia and Big Suze in Peep Show.

And like her Sanditon character, Sophie Winkleman is obviously additionally a woman: particularly, she’s Lady Frederick Windsor, spouse of Lord Frederick Windsor, that is son russianbrides of Queen Elizabeth II’s first cousin Prince Michael of Kent.

EVEN, Strictly’s Claudia Winkleman is her half-sister.

Kevin Eldon plays Mr Hankins

That is Mr Hankins? Sanditon’s resident religious guy. He’s a bit of a bore that is sanctimonious but Mrs Griffiths likes him.

Just exactly just What else has Kevin Eldon held it’s place in?