Suggestions from anyone who has ‘been certainly, there and performed that’ is often valuable. I’m keen on talking to scholars and recent participants to find out whatever they might have done differently, while evidenced by a recent blog post on my web site written by a present student from Virginia Technician. Below are many thoughts right from recent teachers whose assistance can be helpful inside planning for the longer term.

Everyone’s university or college experience is special. We originate from places very good and in close proximity to; we run in different public circles; most of us pursue diverse activities together with classes along with majors. No one college student are usually at only two, three, several places the actual same time — its not all sporting occurrence or party or getting together with or cookout. We merely try to take advantage of these 4 years and hope/wish/pray that they avoid fly simply by too swiftly.

But wouldn’t it end up being nice to listen for what faculty grads really have to say of these experiences? Their own regrets, their own proudest moments and their sage advice? We took a look backside with five recent students:


The 03 Roanoke College alum not long ago received their master’s in education through Shenandoah Higher education.

Biggest repent: ‘I intend I’d portrayed sports. ‘
Giles was heavily interested in Greek lifestyle and the student-activities organization for Roanoke. ‘Yet I continue to wish We had pursued even more, joined far more clubs, ‘ she says. ‘I played tennis growing up for a kid, and i also didn’t perhaps try out for the club team when I got to college. ‘ Giles also wishes she would attended far more sporting events. ‘You take a many the sports for granted while you’re there and then regret not necessa