Survey Reveals Applicants’ Feelings About Varsity Blues Scandal

This week if you have been following the ongoing saga of the so-called “Varsity Blues” college admissions scandal, you’ll know that more sentencings of charged violators will be taking place. The first to ever be sentenced ended up being celebrity TV star Felicity Huffman, who will spend fourteen days in jail beginning 25 october.

While you without doubt know, the scandal involves parents paying university officials bribes to have their children admitted to colleges, USC in particular, several times through the “side home” of activities coaches. The alleged ringleader for arranging these bribed admissions is Rick Singer, who is believed to have obfuscated the bribes as contributions to universities through their foundation, that was intended custom writing online to facilitate the potency of parental contributions.

This tale has been raging in the media for most days and shows no sign of abating. Consequently, the result on prospective college applicants has, in a true number of instances, gone to discourage them. Some applicants (and parents) have started to start to see the college admissions process as innately corrupt and, in line with the scandal evidence that has emerged, found themselves thinking, ” How can we take on candidates originating from families who is able to afford to buy their way into university?”

This is an unfortunate and attitude that is perhaps irrational but one that’s understandable in light for the circumstances.