Do women report wars differently from guys?

Award-winning war reporter Marie Colvin, that has roughed it in Kosovo and East Timor, contends that ladies don’t have actually to utilize feminine wiles to win the battle for tales

Issue accustomed make me bristle. It irritated us to believe that I would personally be judged as a female war correspondent in place of as a author, using the exact exact exact same dangers and within the exact same tale as my male peers.

My emotions had been scarcely brand new. “Feminists nark me,” had written Martha Gellhorn, one of several great war correspondents associated with century. “I think they’ve done a dreadful disservice to ladies, branding us as ‘women’s writers’. No body states males authors; prior to, we had been all just article writers.”

I’ve been addressing wars for 13 years now, from the time asian mail order bride the Us citizens bombed Libya in 1986. Then though war reporting had been greatly a man’s globe. It seemed vital that you merge as well as the only means to do this was to be “one of this boys”. Now, approximately one fourth of this correspondents addressing any conflict will be feminine.

The image associated with glamorous feminine correspondent, weighed straight down by mascara, fluttering her eyelashes and showing a little bit of leg, can be as dated as being a 1950s Life mag spread, if it ever ended up being real.